The GPT products of the BIOMADE® line respond to the growing demand for packaging made from innovative and sustainable materials. For years, the GPT Network has made sustainability investments in developing new products that combine technical functionality with production process, end-of-life and disposal eco-design.

The goal of the GPT Network’s choices and R&D activities is to create high-performance food packaging that, though multi-material, can be designed and manufactured for a single end-of-life with a view to sustainability and the circular economy. The products of the BIOMADE line are certified for organic waste disposal, and are OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL, OK COMPOST HOME and SEEDLING certified. Furthermore, the paper products can also be supplied with FSC® certification.

The GPT Network has always believed in the ethical value of clear, recognizable and certified sustainability, as a guarantee for customers, consumers and the environment.

For this reason, since 2013, GPT has made sure CompostLabel® has been OK COMPOST certified. Furthermore, it was one of the first companies to participate, in 2013, in the “national programme for environmental footprint assessments” of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, carrying out a carbon footprint analysis of its biodegradable and compostable bags for food use.

The sustainability and eco-design characteristics of BIOMADE® products have received various sector awards and recognition. In 2016 and 2019, ADI PACKAGING AWARD DESIGN prizes were won by two products of the BIOMADE line, whose conception and development were promoted by the GPT Network member Polycart SpA.