Biomade by Gpt®


Biomade by GPT® is a line of bioplastic and paper packaging products, designed and manufactured to be sustainable according to the principle of the circular economy. The GPT Network’s ideas, research, development and know-how breathe life in innovations such as the Biomade by GPT® food packaging line, which can be disposed of with organic waste, in full compliance with the UNI EN 13432 standard, and is OK COMPOST certified for recovery through home and industrial composting.


The BIOMADE BY GPT® project and product line is developed by the GPT Network.

The first innovative project of the GPT Network was CompostLabel®, which led to the first certified biodegradable and compostable label. Following the creation of CompostLabel®, GPT then launched its BIOMADE® product line.

The GPT Network is led by GPT Srl, gathering together 20 companies operating in the region of Umbria in the marketing, communications, printing and packaging sectors, and sharing technologies and know-how in the development of innovative products and services. Investments in sustainable food packaging are the fruit of the vision and mission of GPT network members, such as Polycart SpA, which has been operating for over 30 years in the film and plastic products sector, with consolidated experience in the field of bioplastics and compostable plastics, and a long-lasting partnership with Novamont, the producer of the MATER-BI® family of bioplastics based in Terni.

For the GPT Network, the Green Economy is an entrepreneurial choice. It is a choice for communications and marketing through to food contact products made from materials that allow for sustainable life cycles and reduced waste, in full compliance with UNI EN 13432 standards. Products that are the fruit of continuous and well-structured research and development activities and certified processes and projects, across a wide network of companies and research centres. The idea behind BIOMADE® products is to explore new innovative solutions for packaging and communication in biodegradable and compostable materials, by designing the entire product life cycle in a sustainable way, through to the end of life of the product.

It is with this philosophy that, over time, products such as biodegradable and compostable mulch sheets have been developed, as well as compostable shopping bags for fruit and vegetables. Not forgetting the integration of bioplastics with paper and cardboard products, including BIOMADE® laminated papers for deli, fruit and vegetable packaging, flow packs, and GPT display products for fruit and vegetable sales points.

This is also exactly how CompostLabel®, the first certified compostable fruit and vegetable label made from MATER-BI®, and the Biomade by GPT® product line were born.